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If you want to have Outstanding 3D Portfolio! And you’re ready for 2 month of 1:1 private training,
this is your Last Chance to get in!
We’ll close doors in less than 24 hours and take our students to the next level of PHTO-Realistic 3D Renderings!

This training will put NEW Standards to the Arch. Viz. industry. Don’t get left behind while others Lead the way by showing PRO 3D Renders!

Here’s all you need to know about the next generation of VRAYforC4D Artists!

Join us Today and within 2 month people will say WOW! when they see your works :)

Limited to 20 places – hurry up to sign in.

Thanks for reading this

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Bonus #3 – 10 Dummy scenes

Hey! As you probably know, our training made from unique method that provides PHOTO-Realistic results – And we’re going to teach that method in our upcoming interior training in October.
So, in order to make this most useful and save YOU time on Modeling we decided to provide our students with 10 dummy scenes for quick lighting tests and material adjustments.

Of course you can bring your own project and work on it during the training, it can be one of your old projects or future ones – it doesn’t matter as long as you can test out techniques for Day, Night and Sunset setups, you’re good to GO!

Our training have made huge success among 3Dsmax and VRay users – and we had endless requests from C4D users to make such training for VRAYforc4D – So we did :)
Here’s our prime website – check out the students works – and we’ll see you in October.
dummy scene
dummy scene
dummy scene
dummy scene
dummy scene
dummy scene
dummy scene
dummy scene
dummy scene
dummy scene

Post a comment if you liked it, share it with your friends:)

Remember to book up a sit cos we limited to 20 users – and the available pleases running out Fast!

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Bonus #2 – NUBA COR with VRAYforC4D

Hi guys, I’ve just converted NUBA COR scene that I’ve made in max to C4D
Rendered of course with VRAYforC4D – And this scene will come as a BONUS with our VRAYforC4D interior training.
nuba vrayforc4d
Post post work and passes combination done with Photoshop, looks and PTLens for realistic lens distortions.

Overall I was pretty much satisfied with the results, the render was faster than expected (than max).
Hope that new VRAYforC4D will have better passes-these where too noisy, can’t tell really why…

Hope seing your comments
Talk soon

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Bonus #1 – Interior Arch Models

Hey! We adding more working materials to the training so that our student will have good library and be ahead over industry competition.
As you all know the one who can supply FASTER and BETTER quality WINS! Therefore we proud to represent High Quality Arch Models that will come as a BONUS with our Interior Training in October.
Make sure you sign in before we run out of places!

Here’s the Interior Arch Models Library:
1. Ceiling
ceiling vray
2. Ceiling Decor
ceiling decor
3. Classic Columns
classic columns
4. Doors
doors vray
5. Fence
fence vray
6. Floor
floor vray
7. Full Walls Set
full walls set
8. Handles
handles vray
9. Molding
molding vray
10. Panels
panels vray
11. Pilaster
12. Radiators
radiators vray
13. Stairs
stairs vray
14. Walls Decor walls decor
15. Profiles (From French designers book)

With such library you’ll never have to waist time on models search – Here you have it ALL!

Here’s free sample for download – Swimming Pool Ladders
stairs ladder Download link

Alright share it with your friends, ask questions, post comments :)
Join us in October and learn what it takes to create PRO VRAYforC4D Interiors!

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Studio Lighting with VRAYforC4D

Here’s a cool way of representing your models in STUDIO Environment.  Easy and fast Studio Lighting Setup with VRAYforC4D!

And just in case you didn’t succeed in it you can download the scene below this video :)
studio lighting with VRAYforC4D
Download link
for this scene.

Post a comment if you liked it.

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VRAYforC4D Interior Training – Early Registration

VRAYforC4D Interior Online TrainingStarting date 1 October .
VRAYforC4D interior Training

It took us over a year of writing, recording, editing and preparations to create over 40 video tutorials, that will teach you how to create PHOTO-REALISTIC 3D Renders by using VRAYforC4D.

We broke this down into 4 Modules – 4 weeks of personal 1:1 Training:
-In Module #1; You are going to learn Proper system organization and setup that will put you on the right track of creating Awesome 3D-Just like we do!

-In Module #2; You will learn to model interior ROOM just in 10 minutes by using Architectural Plans, followed by special tips & tricks for speeding up your work-flow.

-In Module #3; You will get your hands on Proper scene setup with lighting, textures, VRay Physical Camera, and understand the logic behind successful 3D Visualization.

-In Module #4; You will start to render your scenes and work with us closely for achieving outstanding Photo-Real 3D Image quality.

Everything in this training followed by our personal support via Private Forum, Skype calls and screen sharing, email and our closed Social System.

This training will save you thousands of dollars worth of your time and at least 2 years of wasted effort!
What you are getting with this training;
1. 20 architectural drawings (DWG) – for practice.
2. 10 dummy scenes – for fast textures and light practicing.
dummy scenes
3. 10 exclusive references for scene creation.
4. Nuba Cor Scene – The Exact PRO 3D SCENE Setup with VRAYforC4D.
5. Sample scene with Day/afternoon/night settings with VRAYforC4D.

6. Communication with other users in our Private Forum -Build Contacts and GROW!
7. Over 100 Pages of PDF – VRAYforC4D Interior Training Manual.

8. Over 40 video tutorials that explain the RIGHT way of creating interior with VRAYforC4D.
9. Our private texture library, with amazing sky backgrounds, and every possible interior texture you need to have.
10. And the most important one – Our personal 24 hour Support – We make sure you get AWESOME results!
VRayART Support

Our personal support will provide you with knowledge worth of 8 years working in Architectural Visualization Industry. This experience can be only achieved through hard work, and we are willing to share it with YOU!
After accomplishing this training you’ll be able to make PRO 3D Visualizations and charge way more than you used to! As a matter of fact, this training worth less than one project! Imagine how many projects you’ll be able to get when you get to the PRO Level!
Investment in your Future always will be the best investment in yourself!

Even when the training is finished WE are not leaving YOU Alone! You can stay and Progress in our FORUM!

Start your TRANSFORMATION in becoming a PRO 3D Artist TODAY!
VRAYforC4D Online Interior Training – Syllabus

This training LIMITED to 20 USERS – Make sure you get in Today!
999$ Early registration Discount 30% Off$699

How to Register?

Please fill up the registration form registration form vrayforc4d
Attached 3 latest works of your – We need to see your level – This Training is only for ADVANCED USERS!
Send your works with registration form to

After approval you can come back to this page and make the payment.

Have a good one
VRayART Team

OR with paypal – Online training duration October 1-30.

Invest in YOURSELF – Invest in your FUTURE.

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VRAYforC4D – White Balance Setup

Easy way to match your scene temperature by using VRAYforC4D Camera Color Picker.
This method used by professional photographers and cinematographers so I thought I might try it with VRAYforC4D.

I hope you’ll find that tip useful, post a comment below if you liked it!
Have a good one

ON 1 September we gonna start our VRAYforC4D Interior Training! Soon more information will be released :)

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IES Lights with VRAYforC4D

Hey! here’s something that you might find very handy in your 3D visualization – Yes I’m talking about IES lights! These are really cool lights with different shapes that just increase the level of photorealism in your scene.

Here are the link for Lithonia website:

and the IES viewer:


Post a comment if you liked it :)

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Ivy Grower FREE plugin for C4D

Hello boys and gals, here is something that you might find really useful for your 3D Visualizations :)

Ivy Grower is a FREE plugin for C4D and here is some tips on how you can use it in order to create realistic looking “climbing plant” simulation.

So go ahead check this video tutorial.

Subscribe to get VRAYforC4D Video Tutorials directly to your email

Post a coment if you liked it

Have a good one


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New training for VRayforC4D users

Hi guys, today I have some exciting news for you – We have finally accomplished the creation of our interior training for VRayforC4D, and this training is all about giving you the tools to become a pro !

We, here, at VRayArt have many years of experience in the industry of 3d visualization all around the globe, and we want to translate our success to your needs. In order to do this the best way, we are now entering into the second beta testing of this training. The first phase of the beta testing wasn’t easy – we had to figure out how to deliver to you in the most efficient way all our knowledge. As you know, VRay is a very powerful render engine, but also has lots of features and knobs and fine-tuning you can do. This can be quite confusing. Also, we wanted to focus less on the modelling side and more on the “atmosphere” of your final renders. And this means, mainly,  lights + cameras + materials.

We’ve finally found the right solution  which is a balance between tips and guides about the right way to proper architectural modeling, and the use of VRay in the simplest possible way in order to get great renders. The solution is an on-line training, which gives you the opportunity to take part in it no matter where you live. All our students will work on their own scenes and will be in daily contact with their instructor via e-mail, chat or skype in order to get instant feedback. We’ve also made a “goodies” package with lots of models and textures which we’ll give to our students.

Here are the main issues the course covers:

1. System configuration and organizing your scene.

2. Rules of modelling.

3. VRay physical camera.

4. VRay physical Lights.

5. The principles of indoor lightning.

6. Render Settings.

In order to make this training efficient as much as possible we have gathered powers to invite some professional C4D users in order to test the training, improve it and help us bring to you the best possible training quality.

Now, let me tell you about our C4D specialist and the first beta tester – Kobi Pe’er. He is a photographer and got a sharp eye for 3D visualizations. with his help and knowledge we succeeded to bring you this training, which was only available for Autodesk Max users for several years. Since VRayforC4D became very popular the last year, VRayArt Team has decided to expand their trainings library.

Here are some results from the first beta testing:





We are now in the second beta-testing phase and we will be ready in July. For now, only the interior training is available, but we intend to bring you also an exterior training in the future. Those two courses will cover everything you need to know about architectural visualization and will make you a pro !


Keep it real,

VRayArt Team


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